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Professional Diver Training

DBA: Diving Dynamics Kelowna, BC Canada (PCTIA # 705)

Accreditation & Licensure


Diving Dynamics is a PADI Career Development Centre.

 The PADI Career Development Center (CDC) classification is awarded annually to PADI Five Star Instructor Development Centers and Five Star Instructor Development Dive Resorts that dedicate their businesses to professional development beyond regular scuba instructor training and meet the highest requirements for training PADI scuba diving leaders. PADI CDCs offer career-oriented training to prepare scuba diving professionals for employment in the dive industry, as well as offering job placement assistance for program graduates. 

All of our programs are accredited courses of study meeting the audited criterion established by the Private Career Training Insitutitons Agency (PCTIA) of the Province of British Columbia, Canada.  The Dive College's Accreditation by PCTIA provides tremendous value for all students.  All tuition expenses are tax deductible and tax exempt for Canadian citizens. 

The In-House 54" Dual Lock Hyperbaric chamber is a PVHO-1 / ASME approved hyperbaric unit that has been installed as per CSA Z275.1 code requirements.  The installation of the chamber has been inspected and approved by Work Safe BC and holds operating certificates from BC Safety Authority.  All training that is conducted with the chamber meets and exceeds all requirements as established by the CSA Z275.4 competency code.  

Our Career Development Programs are supported by a Program Advisory Committee that is made-up of senior staff and industry leaders who have watched and participated in the growth of PDT since 1987!

Vern Johnston, B.Ed., CD 12657 is the author and founder of the Professional Diver Training (PDT) & PDT Master's Program.