Since 1986 Diving Dynamics has been driven by the opportunity to solve unique marine challenges for our clients.

Showcasing some of these solutions that we’ve generated that have resolved operational challenges demonstrates our experience. There is no magic here, simply 40 years of experience working in commercial diving and being supported by some great clients!

The first project that is being featured was completed in 2019 for the City of Enderby, British Columbia. Since the original installation of a river intake structure in the Shuswap River the river’s hydrology in the area of the intake had changed. Weather events and numerous aggressive freshet seasons over several decades created serious sediment challenges surrounding the intake screen assembly. Diving Dynamics developed an emergency air-lift system that was permanently installed with the full support of the Ministry of Environment.  The upgrades to the system with the support of the Ministry of Environment became part of the permanent record on the water license for the City of Enderby..

Take a moment and read the Operations Manual, check out some of the drawings and watch the video of the system working

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