Platinum Regulator Service Program


Regulator service at Diving Dynamics has gone from exceptional to PLATINUM! Over the past year, a commitment to provide a technical service experience for our customers has been reached and is now fully implemented.

What have we done for you?

  • Custom built a new service centre that is now home to one of Western Canada's only true 'Diagnostic Flow Benches.' What is a 'Flow Bench?' A Flow Bench is a technical tool enabling our technicians to test the complete respiratory cycle of a regulator system down to depths that you, the customer, typically dive. This data prior to a re-build can be compared back against the documented flow results of the same regulator when it was new and once the regulator is re-built it is flow benched again and the same results will display the performance increase. The flow bench results of the same regulator over time can track the life of a regulator to a point that replacement would be necessary. Complete functionality of a regulator can now be tested before the regulator is actually dove. Our technical software and the customer's hard copy of the service record will now track the service life of the regulator over time. Customers can make decisions confidently when it is time to replace the unit or sell it with confidence as full functionality is established with each 'Flow Bench Test.' With the completion of a bench flow test, our staff will explain the diagnostic report card and you will also receive a diagnostic explanation sheet.
  • All new regulator systems sold through Diving Dynamics will be flow benched prior to delivery. The diagnostic tracking will be started.
  • Interested in a new regulator and wondering if it will meet your requirements? The 'Flow Bench' will help you make an informed decision.
  • All regulator systems are now cleaned ultra-sonically prior to all re-builds.
  • Computers and depth gauges will be tested in the 'Pressure Pot' and compared back against the master depth gauge for accuracy.
  • Technicians with Diving Dynamics are all 'Factory Trained' and are updated at a minimum every 3 years.


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