Technical Inspections

Diving Dynamics is uniquely qualified to provide specialized Technical Inspections using a variety of technologies. With a highly skilled professional team, experienced leadership and engineering support our clients have confidence in the data that is generated.

Technical Inspection Experience in:

  • Potable Water Facilities – pumping stations, pipelines & intake structures
  • Wastewater Facilities – aeration pounds, inter-chambers & mechanical systems
  • Wastewater & Storm Outfall & Diffuser Inspections
  • Pipeline Inspection & Echo Sounding (Internal & External)
  • 2D Imaging: Sonar for low visibility or areas of high flow where a detailed image is critical
  • 3D Point Cloud Data: Point cloud data is essential when high-resolution profiling sonar can identify deficiencies in structures. It also supports volumetric data collection to establish a baseline for monitoring or future project planning.
  • Bathymetry Inspections: Compilation of high-resolution data supports applications for pipeline mapping, scour detection and search & recovery operations.
  • Bridge Abutments Inspections: concrete spalling & scouring inspections
  • Marina & Breakwater Anchoring Inspections & Mapping
  • Marina Fire Suppression Inspections & Mapping
  • Hazardous Environmental Entry Project: wet & semi-wet environments
  • Deep Diving to 50m with Sur-D-02 Operations
  • Mixed Gas Diving Operations to 70m

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