As most know, Diving Dynamics trains professional divers and operates a commercial division.  During the early challenges of COVID-19 our focus was to ensure those operations could continue.  It is now the time to slowly ramp up the Recreational Division in a manner that adheres to the latest requirements for safe operations as laid out by the Public Health Office, WorkSafe BC and PADI.

We have seen an increase in interest in local and West Coast diving which is really exciting.  We're all thrilled to be outside and enjoying various forms of recreation.  Our Recreational Division is back training local divers and we're very grateful for the support our community has extended to us over the pandemic.

If your keen to learn more about becoming a recreational diver, interested in updating your skills or looking for the next step in your diver education please email [email protected] and chat with our Educational Coordinator.  

Since 1986, Recreational Diving Division has reached out to and trained:

  • 2,360 PADI Open Water Divers
  • 1,103 Emergency First Response Divers
  • 3,638 PADI Instructor Level Qualifications Issued
  • 985 Discover Diving Experiences – Predominately High School Students!

Our history of providing exceptional recreational and instructor level training speaks for itself. From 1987 to 2010 Diving Dynamics ran the Professional Diver Training (PDT) program that ultimately trained hundreds of Dive Instructors that to this day still work throughout Canada and around the world in support of dive resorts, dedicated dive charter vessels, and the mega yacht industry. Through these instructors, Diving Dynamics can proudly say that they have contributed to the growth and safety of the recreational industry worldwide.

In 2005 Diving Dynamics built and opened a custom-built facility to better serve the recreational dive community. The new facility has a training pool that is 13ft deep, professional equipment repair facility, hyperbaric unit, multiple classrooms, student lounge, retail, air and nitrox fill station.

Diving Dynamics prides itself on being part of the Kelowna community by supporting School District 23 as a resource center and by participating in many community initiatives. One of the legacy commitments that Diving Dynamics is proud of is the partnership it had with Doug & Robinette Lundgren and project C.O.O.L. (Clean our Okanagan Lake). Over the tenure of Project Cool, Diving Dynamics assisted with the removal of more than 16 TONS of trash from Lake Okanagan. 

Diving Dynamics is the home of many things diving…. Commercial Diving Institute of Canada (CDI), The Diving Dynamics Commercial Division and the Recreational Division. If it’s underwater where your heading we’re here to help!

Contact Diving Dynamics at

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