Salvage & Environmental Emergency Response

Diving Dynamics has put into practice an Environmental Emergency Response protocol to ensure an organized response that is integrated with the Province of British Columbia, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy. Delivering a professional team that are situationally aware, environmentally prepared and driven to deliver outcomes that meet the requirements of all the stakeholders has been the principal goal for Diving Dynamics.

The Diving Dynamics, Salvage & Environmental Emergency Response Procedures are comprised of several key protocols:

  • Personnel Competency Assessment Framework (P.C.A.F.)
    • Personnel Competencies Verified Every 6 Months / Consistent In-service Training
  • Environmental Emergency Response Checklist (E.E.R.C.)
    • Guided Checklist to Ensure the Appropriate Level of Response & Communications
  • Project Emergency Response Flowchart
    • Detailed Flowchart Including: Key Stakeholders / Contacts / Communications / Handovers
  • Hazard Identification Risk Assessment (H.I.R.A.)
    • Hazard Identification / Description / Severity / Control Measures / Post Control / PIC
  • Job Safety Analysis (J.S.A.)
    • All dives are supervised through established JSA’s & Signed Off
  • Dive Project Plan (D.P.P.)
    • The Dive Project Plan is overseen by an Inland Diving Safety Specialist

Positive deployment outcomes are managed through a Quality Assurance program that include:

  • Professional Membership
    • Diver Certification Board of Canada (DCBC)
    • Canadian Association of Diving Contractors (CADC)
    • International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA)
    • Canadian Standards Association (CSA Technical Sub-committee Member)
    • Kirby Morgan Diving Systems International Full Tech Center (KMDSI)
    • DESCO Air Hat Full Tech Center


Diving Dynamics is well known for critical response on specialized salvage programs involving fixed & rotary wing aircraft, vehicles, tractor trailers, fuel extraction, floating structures and vessels.

Working with the Ministry of Environment, National Transportation & Safety Board, RCMP, Insurance Adjusters and other key stakeholders, Diving Dynamics provides positive outcome in some of the most challenging environments.

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