Quality Assurance Program

Diving Dynamics maintains several Professional Memberships in support of the Quality Assurance Program.

Divers Certification Board of Canada (DCBC)

Diver Certification

The Diver Certification Board of Canada (DCBC) certifies divers to the standards of competency described in the Canadian Standards Association’s Competency standard for diving, hyperbaric chamber, and remotely operated vehicle operations (CAN/CSA Z275.4).

Diving Dynamics Maintains Personnel with these current qualifications:

  • Inland / Coastal Diving Safety Specialist (IDSS)
  • Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diving Supervisor
  • Unrestricted Surface Supplied Divers
  • Unrestricted Occupational SCUBA Supervisors
  • Unrestricted Occupational SCUBA Divers
  • Diver Medical Technicians (DMT/IMCA)
  • Hyperbaric Safety Director
  • DCBC Commercial NITROX / Gas Blenders
  • Commercial Diving Medicals (WorkSafe BC / CSA)
  • Diving Medical Officer (DMO)

International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA)


IMCA – the International Marine Contractors Association – aims to improve performance in the marine contracting industry worldwide.

IMCA members are offshore, marine and underwater engineering contractors and their partners in the offshore oil, gas and renewable energy industries.
IMCA – Diver Medical Technicians (DMT/IMCA) BLS / ALS DMT Protocols

Canadian Association of Diving Contractors (CADC)


The Canadian Association of Diving Contractors is an association of professional underwater service contractors, educators, consultants and associated industries that provide services to the marine industry. CADC Members dive to the current CSA Z275.2 Operational Code for Diving Operations in Canada and are audited back against the standards.

Vern Johnston, Director of Operations has been actively involved as a Director and Past 2 Term President of the CADC for more than 20 years.

Canadian Standards Association (CSA)


Vern Johnston, Director of Operations currently sits on the CSA Technical Sub-Committees for:

  • SA Z275.4 Diver Competency
  • CSA Z275.2 Operational Code for Commercial Diving Operations in Canada
  • CSA Z275.5 Training Code
  • CSA Z275.1 Hyperbaric Code

Management Procedures

Asset Management System (AMS)

Diving Dynamics maintains a digital Asset Management System (AMS) to ensure that all diving plants and resources are maintained as per manufacturer recommendations, WorkSafe BC OHSR, CSA Z275.2, CSA Z275.4 & IMCA International Codes of Practice. The AMS is a cloud-based platform.

Personnel Competency Assessment Framework (PCAF)

Diving Dynamics maintains a Personnel Competency Assessment Framework which is tracked through the AMS to ensure that all personnel maintain key operational competencies.

Dive Project Plan (DPP)

Planning for compliance of operations that fall under the current CSA Z275.2, IMCA, Provincial & Federal Regulatory Agencies, and Client Best Practices must be integrated into the Dive Project Plan by the Diving Dynamics designated IDSS / DSS & Diving Supervisor. The Dive Project Plan serves as a bridging document between all parties for a given project.

The DPP is intended to provide details of procedures and requirements necessary to safely and efficiently conduct diving operations. The procedures and requirements presented in the DPP have been established to comply with applicable government regulations and standard professional diving practices and related support operations. The DPP is published to meet the requirement of CSA Z-275.2 Standards, IMCA D-O4O & D-014 Guidelines, and Diving Dynamics SOP. If reference regulations change or safer and more effective operational methods are developed, it is the responsibility of the Designated Person in Charge (IDSS, DSS & designated Diving Supervisor) to notify the Document Controller to effect changes to the DPP. A copy of the DPP shall be at every dive site. All divers shall have access to the DPP and have a working knowledge of the policies and procedures contained within. Divers must sign off the Dive Project Plan document as read and understood.

All Diving Operations in Canada are carried out in strict compliance with the applicable Provincial Occupational Health & Safety Regulations, CSA Z-275.2, Z275.4 & Z275.1 Standards, all relevant IMCA D-040 & D-014 International Codes of Practice and client best practices.

Under these regulations, a Duty is placed on the Designated PIC to ensure that the dive planning is managed to protect the health and safety of all persons involved in the project. Before the dive project starts, a Dive Project Plan (DPP) is prepared in accordance with all applicable codes, practices and regulations. IDSS, DSS, Supervisory and dive crew signatory requirements shall be adhered to.

The DPP shall be based on an assessment of the risks to the health and safety of any person taking part in the diving project, independent operations close to the works and shall consist of a record of the outcome of the planning carried out in accordance with regulations and codes. The DPP shall include all instructions as are necessary to give advice to and to regulate the behaviour of those so taking part to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, their health and safety. The DPP shall identify each diving operation that makes up the diving project and the nature and size of any diving operation that can be safely supervised by one person.

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