Company Introduction

Since 1986, Diving Dynamics has focused on providing specialized commercial diving services throughout British Columbia, the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Vern Johnston, Director of Operations has been actively involved in the Commercial Diving Industry since 1978. With a strong team of professionals drawn from both the civil and offshore air and closed bell diving community, Diving Dynamics has become known as a dedicated team utilizing the latest in resources & technology to ensure positive and productive outcomes.

Qualified Experience in…

  • Marine Construction
  • Pipeline Installation
    • Pipe-sleeving
    • Pipeline Removal
    • Pipeline Extension & Spool Piece Installation
    • Scour Protection and bridging techniques
    • Dredging / Air-lift Operations / Jetting
    • Non-destructive Testing & Echo sounding
    • Pipe Penetration: Diver / ROV / Tracked Vehicle Operations
    • HDPE & Steel Pipe Lay Projects
    • Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Inspections
  • Hydro-electric Facilities
    • Water Control Structures
    • DP Sites
  • Specialized Salvage Operations
    • Fixed Wing
    • Rotary Wing
    • Fuel Extraction
    • Vessel Salvage Operations
  • Emergency Environmental Response
    • Response Aligns with Provincial Authorities
  • Consulting Services
    • Document Development – HIRA’s, JSA’s & DPP
    • Audit Preparation: CSA, CADC, IMCA and Provincial Authorities
    • Subject Matter Experts – 3 rd Party Audits
    • Client Representation
    • Inland Diving Safety Specialist

Giving Back

Diving Dynamics is actively involved in giving back to the professional diving community by:

  • Actively Involved as a Voting Member of the CSA Technical Sub-Committee for more than 20 years:
    • CSA Z275.4 (Competency)
    • CSA Z275.2 (Operations)
    • CSA Z275.5 (Training)
  • Canadian Association of Diving Contractors (C.A.D.C.)
    • Board of Directors Seat from more than 20 Years
    • Served as President of the CADC for 2 terms
    • Worked on the Harmonization of Canadian Standards Across Canada
  • Commercial Diving Institute of Canada (CDI)
    • Diving Dynamics is the parent company that oversaw the development & accreditation of CDI
    • CDI is helping grow the professional diving community in Canada and Internationally

Since 1986, Diving Dynamics has been an integral part of the Okanagan Community. Building a positive corporate footprint by supporting key community events such as the Apple Triathlon, Mill Creek Enhancement, Project COOL ‘Clean our Okanagan Lake’, and by providing countless high school students an opportunity to experience SCUBA for the first time is our way of giving back!

Contact Diving Dynamics at

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